The StreamSong Difference

Optimal Specialty

The professionals at StreamSong Advisors present a unique skill set that integrates an array of advice under one roof. Members of our team have worked in the fields of banking, accounting, legal and insurance for at least five years before joining our firm. This broad knowledge base helps us design strategies for estate planning, tax planning and insurance planning beyond what we believe an average financial advisor can provide. If you are a business owner, we understand how to integrate your closely-held business interests with your personal interests. We nurture and grow your wealth with a big picture focus, rather than myopically.

We Understand Business Ownership

Our distinct knowledge and experience in the industry results in the development and implementation of advanced financial planning and estate planning strategies for our clients. We work closely with business owners on specific challenges they face, which may include transitioning the business to the next generation of family, selling the business, or planning an employee purchase. Several of our advisors have owned and operated businesses, worked for family-owned businesses and provided business consulting services to closely-held businesses.


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