StreamSong Advisors value education and giving back to the community. One way we can accomplish this is by coaching the next generation of investors, advisors, and business owners. StreamSong has actively searched for competitive interns who are eager to further their learning and education outside of the classroom through hands-on experience. All interns work closely with the StreamSong team to encourage technical and professional growth. StreamSong prides ourselves for investing in our interns and helping them become leading professionals under the right guidance and environment. 


Nathaniel Svoboda

Nathaniel is StreamSong Advisors first intern hired as an employee. He will be graduating at the end of the year and starting at StreamSong Advisors as Client Relationship Associate. Nathaniel has been a great addition to the StreamSong team and we are looking forward to welcoming him as a full-time employee in January.  


Jack Koster

Jack interned at StreamSong Advisors in the summer of 2021.  As a member of the team, Jack provided detailed fund analysis based on top holdings, regional exposure, and risk and return.  

Jack is currently studying Business and Computer Science at the University of Utah and plans on graduating in 2024. Outside of class, Jack is a member of Pi Kappa Phi, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the Finance Club. He is also developing an excel based stock screener using python and external databases.


Jovan Contreras

Jovan has just graduated Spring 2022 from GVSU with a BA in finance. While he was in school, Jovan was a member and analyst at GVSU’s Seidman Investment Portfolio Organization. At StreamSong Advisors, he has been an Equity and Market Research Intern since December 2021. 

Jovan has worked closely with the StreamSong team to analyze and research companies and alternative investments to integrate into client portfolios. By attending client meetings, Jovan has been able to learn in both business and social settings to better understand and align investments with client needs and interests. 

Jovan has just recently joined Mercantile Bank in May 2022. Everyone at StreamSong is looking forward to watching him succeed in his career. 


Kameron Norwood

Kameron has just completed his junior year at Grand Valley State University and is majoring in Finance and Economics. His passion for investing has led him to become a Portfolio Manager at GVSU’s Seidman Investment Portfolio Organization. At StreamSong, he has conducted multiple in-depth analyses on prospective companies and has presented his findings to the team. 

Since starting his internship in October of 2021, his research has focused on assessing the valuation, management strength, and operations of a company. He has performed thorough economic and industry research in a wide range of sectors for future investment opportunities. 

Through these experiences and his work at StreamSong, Kam has been able to strengthen and refine his technical and professional skills. He plans to start interning at Adamy Valuation in the summer.


Cure Cumming

Cure was a StreamSong Advisors intern from June to August 2020. While interning during COVID-19, Cure was given the opportunity to learn from the StreamSong team as they proactively made decisions in unprecedented and uncertain circumstances.

Cure learned how to research companies in a variety of industries. He learned to focus on multiple factors when analyzing investments and to see whether the investments would align with the client’s goals. He also assisted in preparing client portfolio presentations to ensure that all StreamSong clients are informed of their investments and accounts.

Cure has just finished his junior year at the University of Michigan and plans on interning for a real estate investment banking team in Tampa, Florida.


Daniel Harmon

Daniel was an intern from January 2020 to February 2021. While interning, he was given the opportunity to work on a variety of assignments ranging from portfolio construction, equity selection, and due diligence. This experience gave Daniel important insight to into the value of excellent portfolio management.  

His internship at StreamSong has emphasized the importance of strong character and will in order to move forward in life and in his career.  

Currently, Daniel is an Investment Operations Analyst at NEPC which is a national investment consultancy firm. Daniel works on providing feedback to clients through manager level performance data in order to achieve better financial security for his client’s beneficiaries. He is also currently studying for the first level of the CFA Charter. 


Devon Shook

Devon was an intern at StreamSong Advisors in the Summer of 2021. As a Financial Advising and Private Equity Intern, he learned how to analyze possible private equity investments for client portfolios.  

Devon has been able to work directly with clients to best address their financial needs. This client interaction has prepared Devon for the workforce and given him real-world experience in all aspects of the financial realm.  

Devon is currently an MBA student at Northwood University. He hopes to grow his career into a financial advising management role and become a future business owner. 


Jonathan Dykstra

Jonathan interned at StreamSong in December 2020 until October 2021. While he was working as an Equity Research and Valuation Analyst Intern, Jonathan was able to learn about venture capital and private equity deals as well as tax efficient investing. By working alongside the StreamSong team, Jonathan has been able to research and analyze multiple different types of business strategies and investing options for clients.  

Jonathan’s internship has helped prepare him to meet with clients in both professional and social settings. Along with the social skills needed in business, Jonathan has learned how to efficiently research and model finances and valuations. His experience has helped him communicate efficiently and effectively with colleagues and clients. 

Currently, Jonathan is working as a Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst at Calder Capital. He is working in lower middle market mergers and acquisitions. Jonathan is focused on working on business valuations and confidential information memorandums for clients and potential business buyers. Jonathan is looking forward to continuing in investment banking and growing within Calder. 


Ryan Ramirez

Ryan interned as a Wealth Management Intern in the summer of 2019. While interning at StreamSong, Ryan was able to research and learn different investment options and wealth management. 

The knowledge and practical experience Ryan gained at StreamSong was applied in his Economics courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The previous exposure to these topics tremendously helped Ryan succeed in his classes and gave him the experience of applying these topics in the financial field.  

Ryan’s internship at StreamSong has helped prepare him for working directly with clients as a futures broker in Chicago. Ryan hopes to continue working in Chicago in the financial field in the future. 


Mitch Maloney

While interning at StreamSong Advisors in the summer of 2017, Mitch was able to learn from the hands-on experience at StreamSong. This knowledge has helped him lead meetings and begin taking on many different responsibilities to improve his technical and professional skills.  

By interning at StreamSong Advisors, Mitch’s transition from student to employee has been easier due to the experience he has gained while at StreamSong. His foundation of professional and technical skills has allowed him to take on unfamiliar roles in order to learn.  

Currently, Mitch is a Quality Assurance Specialist for the Department of Defense. He plans to grow within the department and to continue learning from the experience of veterans in the workforce. 


Immanuel Campbell

Immanuel has worked closely with StreamSong Advisors as a Client Relationship and Portfolio Management intern in the summer of 2015. While working as an intern, he was able to research potential companies to incorporate into current and future client portfolios. His analysis and reports of stocks and other investment options has refined his knowledge and understanding of finance in a practical and applicable setting.

Working with the team has exposed Immanuel to a wide range of investing perspectives. The knowledge and experience he has gained at StreamSong through these different perspectives has helped Immanuel understand investing within a professional atmosphere. Researching investments and companies has prepared Immanuel for the discipline and training needed to succeed within the financial industry. Learning both technical and interpersonal skills from Thomas and Kerby has helped Immanuel obtain a position at Bank of America as a Relationship Manager Specialist and he is looking forward to starting in the future.

Outside of finance, Immanuel has become a business owner, professional trainer, and a recent ex-professional baseball player. StreamSong is proud to see Immanuel succeed!


Darryl Matthews 

Darryl was a Financial Intern at StreamSong Advisors from November 2014 until August 2015. While interning, Darryl worked alongside the team and assisted in monthly financial reports, prepared presentations for current and prospective client meetings, and worked on yearly company financial forecasts. While preparing for client meetings Darryl gathered reports, billing forms, and managed client information. By attending client meetings Darryl practiced communicating with clients in both professional and social settings. This enabled Darryl to refine his professional and technical skills at StreamSong and adapt to different business environments. 

Darryl’s internship at StreamSong has given him the opportunity to observe sales and interviewing techniques, learn to effectively and efficiently communicate with clients, and expand his knowledge of business.    

Darryl has worked as an Associate Broker with Keller Williams Realty, Inc for the last five years and has been promoted along the way. Darryl has started his own real estate team called The Matthews Group. Everyone at StreamSong is excited to see Darryl continue to succeed in the future!