About Us

StreamSong Advisors emphasizes building relationships as we build portfolios. This enables us to take a client-centric approach and offer direction in ways that are purposeful. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we create customized, impartial portfolios tailored to meet each client’s specific profile and needs. Our holistic, process-driven approach to investment management and financial planning allows us to find solutions that are both personalized and based on sound financial principles.

We are Client-Driven

Acting as a fiduciary, StreamSong Advisors always sits on the same side as the client. With no outside interests, we are proud to put you and your family first 100% of the time. We understand how important your assets are to you. Our experience working with a diverse client base has positioned us to ensure client satisfaction along a broad spectrum of needs, interests, and complexities. For these reasons, we aim to provide personalized solutions designed for your unique situation.

The StreamSong Difference

With no commission, revenue sharing, or kickbacks, we ensure complete objectivity that aligns our interests with yours. While many firms rely on cookie-cutter models when working with clients, StreamSong’s boutique services allow for personalized and entirely customized investment management. This includes making tactical moves as the market changes to exploit opportunities while mitigating risk. We routinely seek out exclusive investment opportunities to help construct your distinct portfolio. Additionally, our utilization of proprietary research tools aids us in understanding and analyzing individual investments. At StreamSong, we navigate your individual challenges and aspirations as we guide you along a stream of prosperity.

Our Services

Our Team

We manage assets for individuals and families, providing investment management and financial planning services.


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How Do I Get Started?

It is as easy as setting up an account with one of our recommended custodians, funding the account, and signing the necessary forms that allow us to make trades on your behalf. While most of which can be handled electronically, we are happy to accommodate to your needs and desired level of comfort. 


How Do We Charge?

StreamSong Advisors operates by charging a percentage of the investment balance that we manage for our clients. This percentage decreases as the portfolio grows, and this amount is automatically deducted from the account on a quarterly basis so our clients never have to write a check or worry about managing a bill. StreamSong Advisors always sits on the same side of the client. We do not get paid commissions or kickbacks from any investment products–ensuring our total objectivity.


How Can I Access My Account Once It Is Set Up?

Our clients are able to access their accounts in real time by logging onto either TD Ameritrade or Charles Schwab using a personalized, secure login and password. You can view your account through the “Client Access” tab on our site. This will allow you to view trades, positions, cash balances, and any transactions such as dividends and interest.